The Level 10 M Hybrid Wired & Wireless Mouse is the newest member of the Level 10 M family, designed in collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA. The M Hybrid Mouse can function as a wired mouse via USB cable and wirelessly with the included 5.8G USB receiver dongle plugged into the PC. It inherits the all special characteristics of its close sibling the M Mouse, but with new improved ergonomics. The M Hybrid Mouse takes what was an otherwise perfect mouse and makes it even better!
The M Hybrid mouse can be used plugged into the PC or Notebook via the supplied USB cable, or wirelessly via the USB dongle receiver for the PC/Notebook. Giving users the duality to use whatever suits their needs.
The new M Hybrid Mouse features a re-designed right side grip for even better ergonomics than what was offered in the multi-award winning M Mouse. The 3D-Steering Axis system allows you to customize the angle & height of the M Hybrid mouse body.
The Level 10 M Hybrid Mouse has an aluminum base for maximum durability and optimal stability during gaming sessions.

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