The Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – GKB2010

The patented and exclusive GAMDIAS ELEMENT gives the popular mechanical switch an unmatched new life! Faster, quieter, and even more durable than before. It absolutely makes those gamers who love mechanical switches fondle it with delight. GAMDIAS ELEMENT is made of special flexible rubber, is positioned between the switches and the keycaps so it reduces unnecessary travel after a key press. It makes response faster by 20% and eliminates those annoying clanking noise.

The magnets allow it be attached and positioned without any problems and once attached it stays in place.The most important is that the players will definitely be the better members with it! Ergonomic wrist rest has a large surface area supporting the heel of your hand & extending far enough back to support the wrist.

When it is not in use, it can be turned around 180 degrees and serves as a protective cover. No worries about the food & drinks accidentally spilling onto the keyboard!

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