Gamers are like elite athletes. They play to win and need specialist equipment, perfectly tuned their gaming requirements. The G502 Proteus Core was designed as a tool that combines the forensic science of gaming with flexible, customisation where it matters. From the metal ratchet wheel to functional backlighting, the weight and the balance, the sensor and the DPI; the G502 empowers gamers to create a setup that is as unique as their gaming style.

Developed using infrared heat mapping studies to ascertain the most comfortable grip and touchpoints for gamers; reflected in the panel breakup, giving the G502 a science-led identity. The form and lines are dramatised to emphasise the fractured nature of the core tunability benefit. The iconic underbelly is structured to allow for weight and directional balance tuning while providing a signature identity to the product.

Materials and finishes were selected based on the forensic analysis of hand placement during gameplay. Patterns provide directional grip for lifting and skating the mouse while rubberised, hydrophobic coatings were used to improve comfort for extended gameplay.

The G502 is poised to dominate in gaming competitions.

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