With the development of motion capture technology, motion capture has been serving in some professional field. However , it is expensive and inconvenient to use. FOHEART Leo will provide the ordinary consumers with high-precision , low-cost inertial motion capture devices. Compared with optical motion capture devices , the inertial motion capture devices are more convenient reliable and cheaper in some field, such as virtual reality games , video studio , simulation training , medical rehabilitation…FOHEART sets itself to consumption level. Every lover and team can afford it.
FOHEART C1 inertial motion capture system can provide users with fun and enjoyable experience by wearing succinct suits equipped with seventeen round nodes. Based on advanced wireless transmission technology, motion capture system can get rid of the complex data transmission wire, coupled with well-designed suits, the users can easily identify seventeen different locations of the corresponding nodes, they can wear the suits effectively by themselves , the product is easy to be stored after using it. 

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