CadMouse is a computer mouse designed specifically for engineering design professionals and their unique productivity needs. It is ergonomically designed to consider prolonged periods of use and precision tracking and controls response. Precision of execution and confidence in the products accuracy are important factors to end user.

Unlike a conventional mouse, there are 3 main keys in addition to a scroll wheel. A precision 3rd key is essential to CAD users as it is needed to carry out basic commands within CAD applications. Additional features include, smart-scroll, quick zoom and an intelligent gesture button to open a smart application-specific radial menu so you can access your favourite commands with a simple mouse gesture. CadMouse makes the best CAD work possible with no more clicks than absolutely necessary.

This is 3Dconnexions first Mouse device, a major challenge of the project was translating 3Dconnexions brand values of productivity, ergonomic usability, premium professional aesthetic and commitment to providing the best CAD experience for engineering design professionals into a form factor delivering full hand ergonomic support for end users.

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