Unique Method of Use:
The 1153 Bluetooth® Wearable UHF RFID Reader is a compact, lightweight, and elegant back-of-hand data collection device. It is used in industry for identifying assets tagged with barcodes or UHF tags, and allows reading and writing of data with simple use of the thumb.

Unique Ergonomic Design:
The subtly curved form factor and soft-touch back cover afford a comfortable fit to the hand and provide a unique operator-experience using the thumb to toggle between scanning methods, while leaving the operator fully dexterous for data entry or manual work. The adjustable hand-strap accommodates all hand sizes with a break-away safety protection feature.

Uniquely Versatile:
Interchangeable back covers allow for fitting to the hand, arm or to a tablet PC, while optional security screws can restrict access to the battery and SD Card. In all cases the reader is dust and water resistant with an IP54 rating. It can withstand repeated drops onto concrete from 1.2m. Bluetooth® connectivity offers interoperability with multiple OS platforms and smartphone apps via the TSL ASCII 2 Protocol.

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