We set out to create the ultimate workstation. We created a precisely formed steel enclosure to protect the internal components, control panel, and drive bays. Large front air intakes and rear exits allow maximum cooling efficiency, with minimum noise. The unified sheet metal exterior and “bezel-less” appearance reflects the spirit of a jet engine, powerfully moving air through the highly engineered components within. Removal of key components is easy, intuitive, and tool-less with an innovative interior layout. The P900 was organized around performance and modularity for easy upgrade and replacement. Lift handles are integral to the enclosure. Red highlighted touch points are self evident, allowing easy removal. This modular architecture is intended for customers requiring critical applications such as financial modeling, oil and gas exploration, digital content creation, or game development. They are assured minimum downtime and maximum reliability. Each component was carefully developed in close collaboration between engineering and design. Nothing was overlooked. The ThinkStation P900 is a bold statement to delight customers and challenge the industry.

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