The PrimeMini 3 is a little powerhouse. It offers a modern platform for home office work thanks to its high computing power, generous memory and preinstalled Windows 10 software.
It is ideal for presentations and other areas of application, including outside of the office. The machined aluminium housing provides protection from adverse
electromagnetic interference, which has a positive effect on operating reliability.

Benefits that the PrimeMini 3 offers:
– Fanless and maintenance-free: The innovative design protects the PrimeMini 3 from wear and dirt and it require no maintenance.
– Ecofriendly: Low power consumption (about 30 watts at working to capacity), recyclable components and a long-lasting design.
– Reliable and failsafe: The fanless design with no moving parts and high-grade branded components provides ultimate dependability.
– Silent: The PrimeMini 3 operates entirely silently. It does not vibrate or produce electrical noise of any kind.
– Dirt and dust-resistant: The housings is almost completely enclosed so they cannot draw in or circulate airborne particles.
– Continued cost savings
– 5 year warranty

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