Buddy is an innovative desktop computer in a unique wooden case. The Mainz-based startup datamate aspired to rethink IT and to defy conventions – Buddy is the result. In conjunction with “Homie” and “Fellow”, the products of the datamate family form a dynamic IT ecosystem for the demanding home user and small companies.

Sustainable exterior:
Rather than another metal or plastic case, Buddy features a wooden case made of massive walnut. His case is made in Germany and its individual pattern renders the exterior of every mini PC a one-of-a-kind.

Versatile interior:
When turning Buddy on, one realizes that he breaks new ground in software choice too. At boot-up, the user can choose to either start Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux – Windows for versatility, Linux for security. All of his components can be readily replaced or upgraded.

Great usability:
Putting Buddy into action could not be easier: Over the internet, a datamate expert assists in setting up and configuring email accounts and printers, in installing programs and migrating data.

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