VivoMini PC VC series is designed to give consumers powerful computing performance in a compact design. VivoMini PC features three different top covers in its modular design. VivoMini PC is inspired by “Pile-up” concept that often used in architecture design; users can select the upper modules to ‘build’ a PC that best suits their needs. The CPU, motherboard, storage drives, thermal module, and adapter are intricately arranged to ensure they fit within the tight confines of VivoMini PC. Each cover features the Zen-inspired concentric circle design, and has an elegant textured finish and louvered vents on its sides. VivoMini PC has turned to a classic, elegant art pieces then merely tech products. Users nowadays possess more and more devices for different purposes, so less and less space is available for personal computer. However, users are still looking for PC with same or more powerful performance even with smaller size. VivoMini PC solves this problem perfectly by bringing users not only the performance, but also lots of convenient design that fulfill their needs.

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