Aspire GX is designed for entry gamers. The armor-shaped chassis and the arrow-like elements in the front are its design signatures, creating a bold and aggressive image like a warrior ready for battles. Using the high-saturated red color as the accent color along with the monochrome creates the feeling of mysterious and deadly attraction. The front LED lights emitting a burning red glow bring exciting visual for gaming. The built-in potent graphics processing up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 10 series perform gaming and VR applications sleekly. Its capabilities of outputting 4K resolutions imaging and supporting up to 4 monitors deliver immersive gaming experience. The front I/O ports facing up allow gamers to access them a lot faster. The slant-forward I/O ports balance the visual and keep the iconic arrow-like feature on the sides. The top cover finished with hairline brush is built-in with a wireless charging deck, allowing users to simply place the phone on the desktop to charge it.

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