When Litemax embarked on the work of a new industrial panel computer (PC), every element that elevates a device from good to great was considered – user experience processing power, reliability and design. Powered by Intel® i series processors, Litemax WMPC-W1852F-P-QM770 is an unfailingly waterproof industrial-grade panel computer that boasts an enviable aluminum design, in addition to an user-friendly 10 points P-CAP multi-touch screen. Engineered for outdoor applications, WMPC-W1852F-P-QM770 comes with a 1000 nits of high brightness and strong readability under the sun. The fanless WMPC-W1852F-P-QM770 packs a great performance in an energy efficient design with industry-leading heat dissipation technology. The 6mm thick glass embedded as part of the display unveils an entirely new way to benchmark the robustness of an industrial computer. Fully functional even under extreme climate conditions (0°C~+50°C), WMPC-W1852F-P-QM770 is an excellent solution for marine applications, industrial facilities and other highly rugged environments.

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