Pure concentration Psychology defines concentration as a conscious focusing of attention. Directing one’s attention towards a specific activity serves to solve a problem and achieve a goal. The ThinkCentre Edge 91Z features a design that is concentrated on the essential, and its minimalist design idiom aims at enhancing the users’ focus on the screen. The design task was to lend this PC a shape with little extraneous detail that would otherwise distract the eye. This design maxim has been consistently realised in this PC. The design integrates all components into a compact and well-balanced language of form. Despite its complexity and high performance, this PC is conveniently slim and blends well into almost any business or home-office environment. Being functionally well thought out, this PC can be adapted manually to individual needs. Consistently incorporated into the design, the hinged metal stand of the ThinkCentre Edge 91Z allows the viewing angle of the screen to be changed with simple and easy fingertip adjustment. In addition, its thin and elegant housing accommodates a camera, speakers as well as a DVD drive. All ports too have been inconspicuously incorporated into the design yet are easy to access. Well adapted for flexible office work, this PC also features a functional carry handle and a VESA mount for easy and safe wall mounting.

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