Lenovo A740 is the 27” touchscreen multi-mode all-in-one PC.
The 16:9, 2K display provides the best ratio and resolution for movies and gaming.
At 4.5mm, A740 is the world’s thinnest All in One computer. Sporting a full aluminum uni-body structure, it allows us to deliver absolute thinness, premium build quality and reduce number of housing parts at the same time.
The unique 4 bar linkage mechanism inside the arm synchronize the movements of the 2 hinges on the head and body, providing an ergonomic and comfortable way to switch usage mode, setting up a new benchmark for the computer industry. A740 has 3 usage modes suited different user scenarios. Display mode for traditional desktop usage. 45 degree tilt mode for stable touch usage against table surface. Flat mode for multi-person touch experience, such as gaming or learning.
Integrated NFC function opens up numerous opportunities with other NFC devices, such as: smartphone collaborations, synchronization and internet payment.
Enclosed in the base, is a powerful set of 10W down facing speakers delivering the best sound experience in a small package.

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