Zen AIO emphasis on simplicity, all-metal material Uni-body design production, moreover, it is able to produce less non-recyclable parts, overcome the complexity of the assembly process, and explore the balance between production and environment. Adopt world’s 1st large scale 3D surface at the rear cover, Horizontal hairline finish present its’ exquisite appearance & high quality. Zen AIO with 4K/UHD resolution display, Intel core i7 processor, 512GB 4 SSD storage, stereo surround sound and built-in NAS features a convenient, secure, all in edge thickness 6mm inconceivable only thin fuselage. Instantly with 3D camera face log in or voice recognition. Simplify the interaction processes between people and technologic. Floating stand design, Users could fully utilize their space for stationary storage & cables management. Balance is the best practice in design; seamlessly connect users with environment, space and products. This is the best way to represent ASUS ultimate brand spirit.

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