Dr.D A6, The Revolutionary All-In-One PC.

A6, one of the series of All-In-One PC designed by Dr.D, is uniquely defined by its extreme slim thickness of merely 7mm and frameless 24 inches screen while maintaining its high-performance capabilities. It is the thinnest All-In-One PC in the world so far. With such thinness, it has set a new bar for the trade-off option between the formal quality and the performance. Moreover, the Dr.D has also acquired the most powerful patent of All-In-One PC Inner Hole-Locking in China and Taiwan. With this super patent and the growing DIY PC market, as long as the All-In-One PC has screws inside the structure, it belongs to the patent claims of Dr.D. However, what sets the A6 apart is its flexible open platform and the customizable functionality by virtually anyone. A simple removal of the back-casing and users get to upgrade main components according to individual needs. Coupled with the incredible frameless screen with wide angles of 178 degrees and a blue-light filter designed from ergonomics for eye protection, the A6 is indeed the ultimate combination of Eco, Innovation and Functionality. It is made to improve the quality of life.

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