It’s not only a pressure cooker. In our regular life , the structure of the pressure cooker’s lid is complex which is difficult to clean, while the pressure cooker and soup pot are two different things, it’s not easy to incorporate when you have both two. To solve these problem, we design a clamp-removable structure. By simply pressing the knob operation, the pressure cooker lid handle and clamp can be removed simply and easily which made the cooker easy to clean. While removing the clamp from the pressure cooker lid transforms the cooker into a soup pot to use. This kind of pressure cooker is made by 304 stainless steel which is safe and clean with good heat resistance. It is also easy to clean. The thick pot bottom is made by thick pure aluminum and 430 complex multilayer materials with good thermal conductivity and thermal insulation performance polyethylene, which is suitable for induction cooker, electric cooker, ceramic stoves and other heating. The lid is equipped with multiple safety devices to ensure using-safe.

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