The innovative product Cigsor™, comprising a mobile app and a humidor sensor, takes on the complex and laborious task of monitoring the humidor – and can also do much, much more.
Cigsor is a unique, high-quality lifestyle product which pairs clean and elegant design with functionality. The cigar-shaped Cigsor sensor is placed in the humidor and only takes up the space of one single cigar. Three high-quality product versions are currently available. Cigsor Classic (solid Aluminium), Cigsor Premium (solid stainless steel) and Cigsor Luxury (18k Gold plated). The Sensor is built out of only 4 parts. No wires or unnecessary groove is distracting the design language. The symmetrically placed slits enhance the overall design and at the same time allow high precision measuring of air quality.
Using Cigsor means more time can be spent enjoying optimally stored cigars.

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