Dairy packaging for kids (The Family Farm of Cheburashkini Brothers)
This is a yogurt range for kids from 3 years old. Kids study and discover the world through simple forms, they better comprehend abstract, simple, geometric and pure shapes and colors. The idea is that the word ‘yogurt’ in cyrillic starts with the specific letter with diacritic on the top, this is one of a few letters in cyrillic alphabet, with such a unique feature. An interesting thing is that this diacritic sign can be drawn in different ways in different graphic forms.

This diacritic symbol we use as a basis to show different tastes of yogurt: cherry, prune, pear, peach and others. The shape and color abstractly remind of these berries. If you place yogurts next to each other, graphics join each other and make new graphic shape, new picture. Thus with the help of this tasty yogurt kids start to develop their abstract thinking.

Kids at this age don’t buy products themselves, mostly their young moms do that for them. Buying this product to her kid mom will be telling him that this or that symbol is a shape of a berry, but in a different visual expression.

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