This is the first cast iron enameled electric stewpot in China .
Since enameled pot is the representatives of Western cooking utensils, it is considered high-end in China due to its complex process and durable materials. Traditional enameled pots are used on the open fire and cannot be applied to electrical appliances, but this product combines enamel and electrical appliances, becoming the first case in China.
The configuration by computer makes the cast iron enameled pot more fully functional. Besides, the design of the temperature curve makes the food more taste and more healthy. It also deals with the pain spots well such as unable to be free of care, unable to prevent spilling and anti-scald and even challenges the bottleneck that the stewpot industry cannot become high-end.
The design of the appearance is very simple. On the basis of maintaining the traditional image of enameled pot, it adopts wiredrawing, spray finishing, laser carving and other technologies, bringing the product with more value of science and technology.

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