Neoline X-COP R750 – the first DVR with a wireless connection to a radar detector. It has a super-sensitive radar unit, which is installed under the hood of the car and provides high sensitivity and distance detection of police radars and speed cameras. This radar unit is connected via WiFi to X-COP R750 unit inside the car. In the device are integrated the GPS base of police cameras of 15 countries and original interface Easy Touch Plus. Combination of Ambarella A7 chipset and high-sensitivity image sensor from Sony creates high video quality with maximum details in night hours. X-COP R 750 is controlled by smartphone applications based in iOS and Android systems. The device is mounted to a windshield by suction-cup holder with power circuit inside, named Smart Click Plus. The power cable is connected directly into the holder, in this case it is possible to fast take away X-COP R750 from the windshield. Touch display with IPS sensor provides a clear overview of the image at any angle of the screen view. In the device is integrated a unique of its kind AAFA system, which blocks each false alert signals in a wide range of frequencies except signals from real police radars.

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