It is a type of smart panoramic camera with the functions of monitoring and live view.
The product adopts two HD fisheye lens, which brings immersive video surveillance and video live experience. Integrated design of drop shape makes it flexible and implies the design philosophy of “Wide Heart Embraces All”. It provides better sense of touch and makes it friendlier for the users. The simple and elegant design style makes it perfectly match various application scenes. The aluminum bracket design of CNC craft realizes the combination of toughness and softness, which makes it perfectly connect to the black dome body. The product is equipped with both sense of beauty and touch, meanwhile it guarantees reliability and durability during application. The delicate and compact body makes it convenient to install and carry for users.
Realtime snapshot and splicing technology make the video fully displayed in time, the product is truly equipped with the live capability of realtime, three-dimensional and HD video surveillance and video. What‘s more, it also possesses starlight IR night vision.

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