This entry-level camera is designed to bring rich IP surveillance functionality to consumers in a compact, cost-effective package. The unit’s small size not only means that the device can easily blend in with its surroundings in the modern home, but its tiny footprint also makes it suitable for placement in more locations around the home. Despite the tiny exterior, big features including 720p HD resolution, night vision and sound & motion detection ensure that this camera satisfies the needs of a wide range of users. The camera stands upright on most surfaces, eliminating the need for installation and mounting, and also enabling it to be easily relocated to other areas of the home depending on users’ needs. The decision to incorporate the widespread microUSB power format into the device increases convenience for users, who may already have several of these cables in their home. For users who wish to record video, a new subscription-based cloud recording service will be offered whereby users can save video directly to the cloud for viewing later.

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