CS-5062 is a comprehensive home security solution. Its near 180o ultra-wide field, 3 megapixel recording, and the fact that one unit is equivalent to multiple cameras allow you to achieve equipment expense savings. It offers multiple installation methods such as hanging from the ceiling, placing on a table, or attaching to a vertical wall. It can be freely adjusted and applied according to your specific needs. Rotating the camera by 90 degrees automatically converts it to corridor mode, perfect for long corridors, greatly reducing the amount of space occupied by walls and giving better focus for activities along the corridor.

CS-5062 supports Smart Home wireless technologies such as ZigBee, Z-wave, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Streamlined software installation process allows simple completion of equipment setup. A specialized APP is provided to allow users to remotely monitor their homes from any mobile device. It includes inbuilt gas and motion detection capabilities and two-way audio functions, giving the equipment independent initiative by instantly delivering message notification when preset ranges have been exceeded to improve user responsiveness to abnormalities.

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