The digital CCTV camera CD9-X combines elegant design with state of the art performance and security. This industrial grade digital video/audio camera provides the user with up to four concurrent Full HD (1080p) real time video sessions while ensuring privacy by applying 128-bit AES encryption to the video.
The camera is used in large scale security surveillance in rail vehicles operated in public transportation and helps to increase passenger comfort, decrease vandalism, violence and verbal abuse and provide legal evidence for law enforcement.
The elegant disk-shaped housing is available in any RAL colour to provide seamless integration into the customer’s interior design. At the same time, it serves to protect the electronics from vandalism as well as from unwanted environmental influences such as liquids, dust and electromagnetic interference. Due to the extremely flat design, the CD9-X can be installed in the train’s interior without violating the requirements for minimum room height.
The electronics are made to last and come with integrated temperature management that protects the device and still ensures operability within the temperature range of -40°C up to +85°C.

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