The Omna 180 Cam HD is D-Link’s first HomeKit enabled camera and combines the company’s long history of producing award-winning IP surveillance devices with the ease of use of Apple’s HomeKit technology. The DSH-C310’s elegant, stylish design fits effortlessly into the modern home, while still packing a full suite of high-end features including a 180 degree wide angle lens, Full HD 1080p resolution, two-way audio, night vision and a microSD card slot. The cylindrical design and brushed metal-effect finish represent a departure from traditional IP camera design and not only give the product a sleek and contemporary feel but also afford a sturdy, rubberized base to stand on. The 180 degree wide-angle lens can see a whole room using just one camera, and Full HD 1080p resolution allows users to see every little detail. Infra-red LEDs are hidden in plain sight behind the black bands on either side of the lens, only being visible when the camera is operating in night mode. A this band of grille bars around the bottom of the unit not only conceal the speaker and microphone, but also allow air to flow through the device, assisting in the cooling of internal components.

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