Samyang XP series is designed for the highest quality photos which can be well matched to DSLR’s with high resolution image sensor and for the 8K video, which is becoming a new standard of broadcasting in near future.
F1.2 (except 14mm F2.4) is the brightest aperture that gives users the best pictures under all situations with faster shutter speed and more beautiful bokeh.
The focus ring is made of rubber to give users an excellent grip while shooting.
Also, this lens is designed in consideration of the highest optical performance and rough environment.
Normally, the interchangeable lens design emphasizes a strong and functional look, but our XP series has a simple, yet elegant outline with a beautiful curve and smooth material.
Samyang’s new XP series emphasizes the luxurious and durable feeling through the minimal design and the metal housing.
The metal housing provides higher productivity at a lower cost with the press forming process.’
The XP Lenses brings the range of two products of 14mm, 85mm. and also one more new product will release in 2018.01

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