The product is described as an underwater camera used primarily for fishing. It is mountable on the fishing line and enables recording during active fishing. The camera is designed with the purpose of being as user friendly and functional as possible.

The hydrodynamic designed camera housing is a result of extensive research on different shapes that break water most effectively. It secures both a steady flow during recording and a seamless fishing experience. In the design process we learned that water was flowing in between the lens and the camera housing. Casting both the house and the lens in the same process has solved the problem and is an idea that´s never been thought of before.

The camera is mounted on the fishing line through a steel bar that again is mounted to the fishing line. The design of the mount enables the user to use the camera both for artificial lure fishing and Surface float fishing. The mount also secures the right position due to the weight in the button of the steel bar.

A simplistic designed neoprene bag, which makes the camera float, also makes it easy to mount on everything from ski poles to caps.

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