Specim IQ is the world’s first mobile hyperspectral camera that allows you to analyze material samples anywhere, in seconds for critical decision making. The camera is ideally suited to the needs of OEM industry e.g. food safety, recycling, health and forestry for building their own applications for their own clientele.

In this camera, a very difficult technology has been packed for the first time into a user-friendly form to meet the market requirements for portability, easy usability, immediate results and price. Weighing only 1.3 kg, Specim IQ is a camera-like battery-operated point and shoot hyperspectral camera with downloadable applications and on-site processing capability. It is the first camera where results are available immediately in the screen and the user does not need to be an expert to take a hyperspectral image, process the measured data and convert it to usable results for quick viewing and decision making.

Touch screen controllable user interface together with the minimalistic design gives intuitively the sense of its operation and thus leverages this complicated technology for ordinary camera users.

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