Ten years ago, Steve Jobs presented the iPhone. It changed our world – not only the way we now communicate, but photography, too.

The photos you can take with today’s smartphones are close to the quality of those taken with reflex cameras. A lot of people are seriously interested in smartphone photography. New professional-quality photo equipment is now required to enable ambitious photographers to make the most of the fantastic possibilities smartphone photography offers.

The iSHOXS Smart Rig Q2 smartphone mount was specially designed for this purpose. The iSHOXS Smart Rig Q2 features selected materials, a unique design and multifunctionality. It is equipped with the necessary key facts that enable smartphones to deliver outstanding performance in the world of photography.

The quick lock closure secures the smartphone when selecting angles and a 90° switch makes it possible to change from landscape to portrait mode within a second, enabling the best picture detail to precisely include an extra angle.

The iSHOXS Smart Rig Q2 is compatible with all tripods and mounts in the iSHOXS product series.

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