The iSHOXS CarbonOne photo tripod is ultra-light and ideal for travelling. The design and the selection of materials and colours gives the CarbonOne an aesthetic overall look. The 8-layered carbon material together with precisely machined telescopic closures at working heights of up to 1,360 mm make sure your photo equipment is securely mounted and ready to use in an ergonomic working position.

The patented telescopic closures can be opened only one turn, making it impossible to accidentally unscrew them. For outdoor use, the closures are fitted with O-rings to prevent dirt from getting in.

In travel photography, you need to react quickly to catch images and the tripod needs to be set up within a few seconds. The new, patented AutoOpen feature ensures that the legs of the tripod remain open as soon as it is set up.

Only 305 mm in size, the iSHOXS CarbonOne is the ideal tripod for travelling. The double-ball swivel head is suitable for both smartphones and system cameras, providing a completely new degree of freedom to select angles. The CarbonOne is the ideal travelling companion.

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