Photographic time lapse is a technique used to reveal, through a short movie, slow changes and movements that are usually invisible to the naked eye like: building construction, clouds movement, sunset, plant growth… Creating photographic time lapses could, until now, only be achieved by advanced photographers. Tikee has been developed to make time lapses easy for anyone to do. Tikee is a photographic device with 2 cameras in order to capture a wide picture, a solar panel to be 100% self-sufficient and a telecom modem to send pictures and data to a server. Tikee is weatherproof and can take quality pictures at set intervals over a long period of time outdoor without the need to change its batteries, its memory card. Users can see remotely the result on their phones or computers and share directly the result with friends or customers. Applications are : tourist offices, ski resort, building and civil engineering, architects, professional photographers, etc.

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