BBY-Guard’s design was inspired by the nested doll principle. The hood part rotates 360 degrees, the camera is in the front, a micro SD memory card slot and reset button are on the back. Safeguarding privacy, the baby-monitor can be switched off mechanically.

BBY-Guard distinguishes distress and happy sounds. If baby cries at night, BBY-Guard automatically turns the integrated night light on and comforts baby with a lullaby until mom and dad take over. Through WIFI direct or an internet connection, parents can check on their baby at any time, from anywhere.

• 120-degree wide-angle lens, 1080P HD
• Two-way intercom system, temperature & humidity sensors
• Automatic recording interval (every 10 minutes/for 10 seconds)

Don’t miss a moment of baby’s life. BBY-Guard gives parents peace of mind.

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