Sleek, Beautiful, effortless and Instant. Kiba identifies, captures, and curates your family’s best and precious moments, automatically editing them into beautiful home videos. Kiba is the world’s first automated home movie maker. Often you are not in the frame when you are capturing or often if you reach for the camera, the magic of the moment is lost. Kiba also lives to its promise of no editing. With its patented joy ranking algorithm, Kiba distills the most interesting moments. Kiba’s design is simple, elegant, colorful and friendly to complement life’s most animated moments. It comes in 4 colors – pearl white, giggling green, serene slate, and tickled tangerine and a great looking finish. Setting up Kiba is child’s play, its super easy and fast. Kiba also comes with a easy magnetic L shaped mount and also a connector for tripod. You can interact hands free with Kiba voice commands to control the camera, take a picture or record a video. You can also schedule Kiba app to record special events like birthday, barbecue home parties or festivals. With Kiba every family can tell their own unique story. Kiba comes with plenty of local and cloud storage.

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