Ready, set, ACTION! Action cameras had become a definitive category. People love capturing their adventures, but the current user experience demands the person filming give up some of their fun to focus on the video. There’s also a lot lost in the footage: cameras see what we see, despite the fact action happens all around us. We thought the 360 technology makes for a perfect answer: let’s make an awesome action cam that captures everything around and above us. No more friends’ nasty snowboarding spills missed. No awesome shark shadows in the wave gone unseen. No jumps skipped while filming someone else’s fun. Built like a tank. Crafted like a crystal We built the 360fly Action Cam for battle. Whatever the adventure is, it takes the beating alongside the user. That doesn’t mean it should look like a tank. Or resemble an industrial device. It should just be able to beat one up in a streetfight. The surface of the device is shaped like a crystal, adorned with 360 unique shapes. Boo-yaa.

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