“Takeway” let people take the clampod anywhere for generating wonderful memories anywhere.
Takeway T1 is the first-ever such tripod in the world. The ballhead combined with a cantilever clamp comprises the innovative tripod which has taken out patents in different countries. With the clamp structure, T1 is characterized in lightweight-200g, high load-capacity-3kg, high clamping pressure-40kg as a mini tripod stand, but what’s most important is through the clamping function, we can setup up our devices anywhere in our daily life. Swimming with the tide of the popularity of consumer electronics, T1 also provides a mounting system supporting cameras, smartphones and tablets. To elicit users’ satisfied smiles is our design wishes.
When it comes to Oxford dictionary’s word of 2013 “selfie”, Takeway T1 can take “selfies” more easily.
If you are parents, you can easily take self-timer shots with your family.
If you are traveling alone, you can take self-timer shots with perfect scenes anytime.
If you are a consumer electronics user, T1 can offer better use.
When going anywhere, remember to take Takeway T1 with you, because you are unwilling to miss anything worthwhile to create memories.

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