Sailor Strap is a brand which specializes in creating photography accessories.

We apply with our “El Capitan” neck camera strap.
The innovation of our product derives from sailing, up cycling and photography.
This is a handmade camera strap crafted form a sailing rope which ends are leather-wrapped and stitched together. The strap is connected to the camera with stainless steel split rings.
We recycle leather parts (up-cycling) which are a by-product from a woman’s leather bags factory.

Thanks to the silk polyester material of the sailing rope our camera strap is very durable, sweat/water resistant, odorless, UV resistant and glides smoothly on the carrier neck or cross body. The additional leather flaps protect the camera from any possible scratches coming from the split rings.

Our product design is straightforward yet it perfectly goes with the times with it’s vintage look and feel. Especially when the global photography market is experiencing a design set back towards the 1950’s/60’s in camera design.

Our camera strap can be used both as a neck strap, a sling, or even as a hand strap (when wrapped around the photographers wrist).

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