Today, regardless of how amateur or professional, almost everyone is shooting videos with camcorders and DSLRs. And what they all want is getting stabilized shots without getting exhausted. PocketSHOT addresses this important matter bringing many surprises. It is the world’s only compact and foldable stabilization gadget that you can take anywhere in your pocket. Compact pocket form length is only 16cm. Mainly, it can be served as a mini table tripod, a top handle for low shots, a shoulder support rig and a belt stick. In spite of 5 main different ways introduced, as a result of its intelligent design, the user can determine and intuitively come up with different forms of use depending on the body structure of the user and, of course, creativity. PocketSHOT camouflages under your camera with its organic form and black color. It is composed of 7 parts that can be folded and unfolded easily to be transformed into different forms in just a few seconds preserving its organic unity with the camera. It is solid and durable, machined out of 100% CNC delrin. All these professional properties are presented at an affordable price and for short; Now, all of your productions are in your pocket

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