NiceDice is a compact, lightweight and well designed multifunctional tool, that will give back the creative freedom to cameramen and photographers. The NiceDice-system consists of a functional basic element -the dice- with its innovative clamp construction, and exchangeable adapters for all commonly used standards in film and photography.
NiceDice liberates cameramen and photographers from the incompatibility amongst different brands of camera equipment. With a NiceDice-kit they are prepared for every situation, without having to carry around a truckload of special equipment. The look and feel is appealing for both the eyes and hands, and assist the natural drive for experimentation.
The expensive equipment of the customers has to be secure under all circumstances. Therefore the construction of the NiceDice, which does not only create the traditional clamping forces, but also spreads apart, resulting in a powerful grip.
The NiceDice–system can be used without any additional tools. New adapters can easily be added to the system which will keep the NiceDice up to date.

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