The Roto 360 is characterized by high quality workmanship and precise functionality – Made in Germany. The innovative hybrid device combines gimbal head and panoramic head. The device allows an effortless movement of heavy cameras and lenses with a capacity of up to 9 kg. Thereby rotational movements can be realized in the horizontal and vertical axis of rotation by each 360 °. The Roto 360 can be easily modified to a panoramic head and allows semi-automatic row and line scanning of subjects with lenses up to 300 mm focal length. The stainless steel serrated locking plates are flexibly adaptable and durable.

The minimalist design is developed to save weight in perfect proportion to the load capacity. The shapely body made of flowing lines is milled from a block of aluminum and coated with a cold-absorbing layer of plastic. As a stylistic element frictions body is shown partially visible through reduction of the housing.
The handling is very userfriendly with its intuitive control layout, thus contributing to a quick and liquid workflow.

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