HTC RE Diplo is perhaps the only charging stand to elicit spontaneous smiles. Serving as both a charging base for the HTC RE camera and as fantastic decoration, HTC RE Diplo perfectly marries complicated technology with delightful design. This trusty dino lets users record stable videos and capture shake-free high-resolution photos with their RE camera. And when plugged in, HTC RE Diplo also makes it possible to record hours of time-lapse video footage without worrying about running out of battery power. Its skin is soft, smooth and inviting.Each HTC RE Diplo is polished by hand.Just as important, the material is free of halogens and other toxins common to consumer plastics. HTC RE Diplo designers made a concerted effort to create an object that is as friendly to fingers as it is to the eye. With the HTC RE Diplo, HTC once again shows that technology should never be boring.

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