FlowMotion ONE is the world’s most versatile smartphone stabilizer empowering anyone to capture shake-free videos on the go. It enables cinematic camera movements which used to be preserved for large Hollywood productions.

Unlike other stabilizers FlowMotion ONE is compact. It works without the handle and you can easily attach the stabilizer to different mounts such as the included tripod mount or the optional carbon extension pole which unlocks new angles and camera movement.

We designed FlowMotion ONE focusing on simplicity. The detachable and ergonomic handle is designed with streamlined curves which fit perfectly in your hands. We’ve worked countless hours to create a grip which assembles a vase rather than a pistol grip, without comprising function.

The aluminum gimbal “arms” are designed to look both robust and elegant, with a high-quality physical appearance and feel.

With FlowMotion ONE you can eternalize every moment in professional quality. Hassle-free. No extra video camera. No transferring video from other devices. Just point and shoot and save the video directly on your phone. Designed by professional videographers, made for everyone.

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