The CAMSLINGER 160 was designed to bring out the benefits especially of the new camera type ‘mirrorless camera’ (compact system camera). This new camera type is small, light weight and fast, which makes it different from DSLR.

Design focus: Functionality, slim profile, fast and one-handed access. The case is simple and protected by slim but robust PE plates instead of thick foam material. Chic fabrics give a contrast to the functional appearance. The bag is worn at the hip. This makes the upper body free fom straps and belts and leads to very comfortable wearing. The bag can also be worn as shoulder sling bag. The LOXX security knob and the elastic band gives a unique appearance and allows one-handed access. The security buckle at the belt makes it extra safe. Unique is the size adjustment via velcro fastener. This allows to adjust the bag to the size of different cameras and so makes it always as slim as possible. All accessories are in optional bags on the belt to allow a slim profile of the CAMSLINGER. The included FINGERCAMSTRAP completes the concept and gives extra security when using the camera. The FINGERCAMSTRAP can be attached while grabing the camera in the bag.

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