We all want to capture every special moment when we are traveling, but sometimes, it’s really tiring to carry the camera on the neck and walking all day long. We invented a whole new way to carry camera by recreateing the camera strap. This is the neck strap that can really reduce the weight while carrying a camera. It will be the first time people can enjoy traveling while carrying their cameras all day long and feel no stress!
For the traditional camera strap, we carry it on our neck and soon, the camera will become a heavy burden. Our neck is fragile and the weight will strain the neck, and thus cause damage to the back if carrying it for too long. Our new design, Camera Lift-Strap, attaches to the backpack and keeps weight distributed along the shoulders keeping strain off the neck.
Now, people can carry their camera with ease, and don’t have to change the way using it. Just hang it in front of the chest, and grab it easily to take the shot immediately. It has never been easier to carry camera and take pictures!

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