The Insta360 Pro is the VR creator’s Swiss Army knife – a 360° camera offering a high-performance feature set never before available in an easy-to-use, all-in-one tool. Ready to shoot beautiful 3D 360° stills and video in up to 8K, the Pro makes VR creation simple.
The Pro distinguishes itself with a key innovation – using an onboard processor, it ingests image data from six lenses and stitches them together in real-time. This means that a VR creator can monitor a stitched version of their scene as it unfolds, before pulling out the memory card to watch a fully-stitched VR experience. The Pro’s real-time stitching also makes it the ideal camera for high-fidelity 360° live-streaming.
The Pro is lighter, more compact and more portable than other pro-level 360° cameras. Four wedge-shaped grooves in its spherical body help make this design possible by aiding in heat dispersal, while a ridge formed between them doubles as an easy-to-grip carry handle.
A sleek futuristic aesthetic, cleverly utilitarian details, and six lenses that seem almost to hint at sentience, give the device a droid-like force of personality. It’s the right look for a no-nonsense on-set companion.

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