Holo360 is the next generation 360-degree camera with an elegantly compact body which can fit into your pocket, ready to be pulled out quickly to capture every detail.
Capture, view, edit, and share photos and videos immediately with friends with just a single amazing device.
Use preview mode during photo/video capture, and live stream straight from its integrated 3-inch display.
With various modes, users can capture content in five different ways: Crystal Ball, Little Planet, Panorama, Super Selfie, and 360 View.
Combining the power to stitch together videos in real-time, integrated LTE connectivity, and a 3-inch display, you can also preview before recording, and live stream your best 360-degree moments.
Holo360 is part of a virtual reality eco-system to bring an immersive user experience to the content they took and capture treasured moments in the blink of an eye.

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