The HERO5 Black is GoPro’s flagship product for capturing and sharing life’s experiences conveniently through stabilized high-definition video, 12 MP photography, and stereo audio. The camera was designed to be so user-friendly that operating the device does not compete with living the moment being captured.

The design challenge was to build further on the success of the previous GoPro camera and simplify the design to make it appeal to more lifestyles. Maintaining waterproof to 10 meters without the need of a separate waterproof housing presented many challenges for I/O, buttons, and audio that require reliable sealing while remaining functional. Every element was designed to feel extremely well-built and rugged. New materials were used to convey a powerful sense of confidence in any situation.

One press of the shutter button powers the camera on and starts recording automatically. The 2″ rear LCD touch screen and voice-activated controls make it easy for anyone to pick up, adjust the settings, and start capturing. To help users get amazing shots from virtually any activity or perspective imaginable, it is fully backwards compatible with the existing 30-plus GoPro mounts.

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