Cloud management service business is widely varied in platforms and growing ever broad in scope. Bespin Global’s cloud computing management service business focuses on simple and complete, end-to-end cloud service management, regardless of data type, server environment or service provider. We developed both the name – reference to the ‘cloud city’ from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back-, and the complete visual brand identity for the company. The important thematic aspect for Bespin Global’s branding development is the concept of a ‘dynamically generated cloud symbol’ that reacts to the uniquely variable conditions and environments. Rather than a singular symbol for a cloud, this dynamic element of the brand identity serves both as a visual and symbolic anchor for a flexible, ever-changing service environment. Further, the invisible process of the bit of data being transferred to the cloud is expressed visually as a single dot and bold, solid arrow, creating a sense of credibility and stability to the brand’s foundation of expert cloud management platform and services.

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