“Shaping thoughts: the A to Z of the Typographic Society Munich” is the title of the recently published tgm corporate book. The introduction asks: “Is typography infectious?” Yes, without doubt! What does typography mean in relation to the culture of writing? How many different ways are there of interpreting every unique letter? What is the role of typography in creating the appropriate visual platform on which to present content? This exceptional publication provides stimulating answers to these questions and more. During an intensive, three-year process, Annette Häfelinger and hw.design created the concept, design and final publication in collaboration with Boris Kochan and a large team of dedicated tgm members, sponsors and supporters. Structured on the letters of the alphabet, tgm’s present-day activities and goals are presented drawing on its origins and tradition. For example, under A – Anspruch (demand), readers discover that tgm set its own mission statement as early as 1890. Or L – Leidenschaft (passion) shows that exceptional results can only be achieved with passion. Coupled with a dose of humour, fascinating facts are conveyed in the alphabet letter study.

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