Designer Erik Spiekermann is one of the best-known graphic designers in the world. He founded MetaDesign, FontShop and Edenspiekermann. With the publication “Hello, I am Erik”, Berlin-based publisher Gestalten celebrates the work of influential typographer and designer Erik Spiekermann. This publication impressively presents Spiekermann’s career, work and attitude as a typographer, designer and entrepreneur with numerous photos, documents, compositions, sketches and images of his work. Informative contributions and personal statements by respected colleagues round off the book, which is available in German and in English. Johannes Erler and his agency Factor Design are responsible for content and design. Erler is another of the leading names on the German design scene.

FF Meta and Helvetica

Alongside the classic Helvetica font, the FF Meta font developed by Erik Spiekerman was the most successful font of the 1990s and early 2000s. It was originally developed in the mid-1980s for Deutsche Bundespost, the German federal post office, which was looking for a new corporate design. But the post office decided to stick with the Helvetica font. Nowadays FF Meta is used as the house font for the Mozilla Foundation, German public-broadcasting institution WDR and Heidelberg University among others. The font has also been included in the architecture and design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. These and numerous other examples are compiled in the visual biography “Hello, I am Erik”, published in 2014, which is the most comprehensive presentation of his work to date.


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